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Chateau de Bouafles
Chateau de Bouafles
Chateau de Bouafles


Historic capital of Normandy, Rouen was the scene of the martyrdom of Joan of Arc, condemned then burned in 1431, Place du Vieux Marché.
Rouen is also the "City of 100 steeples". Over the centuries, the jewel of sacred architecture has sown here and there: Notre-Dame Cathedral, Saint-Maclou Church, Saint Ouen Abbey...

The banks of the Seine, one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, offer you a privileged place for walking or cycling.

The historic center of Rouen is one of the richest and best preserved in France.

Cobbled streets, squares, fountains, sculptures, old half-timbered facades... the city will delight you with its thousand and one facets.

The greatest painters, Monet, Gauguin, Pissaro or even Sisley, stayed or lived in Rouen and immortalized monuments or districts of the city there (the Boieldieu bridge, the Notre Dame Cathedral, or the Rue de l'Epicerie) and the banks of the Seine (La Bouille and Sahurs).

The Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen brings together one of the most prestigious collections in France: paintings, sculptures, drawings and objects of art from the end of the Middle Ages to the present day.


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Photos: Wikimedia Commons/Frédéric BISSON (n°1 and 2), Wikimedia commons (n°3), Wikimdedia Commons/Allie Caulfield (n°4)

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